Monday, July 20, 2015

Final Fridays at Essential Goods | Carrie Hilgert

For our July Final Friday Artwalk, Essential Goods is excited to welcome artist Carrie Hilgert. Please join us at her opening reception on Friday, July 31st from 5 to 9 pm to meet the artist and check out her new work!

::Artist Biography::
Carrie Hilgert is an artist. Sometimes she employs paint and ink, sometimes a camera, and sometimes words. Carrie started drawing in the third grade and was the kid that noticed everything: people’s quirky habits, bits of energy floating through a shaft of light, the undercurrent of emotion in a room. She has always felt things very deeply, and that fuels her work – and her outlook on the world.

Carrie believes in everyday magic and in sharing raw emotion to make connections that matter. In her 20s, depression and bipolar disorder kept her from painting for nearly ten years. During that time, she used her camera as therapy, documenting her depression through self-portraiture. Some of these photos appeared in two exhibits in New York City dedicated to ending the stigma of mental illness. One of the photos was also featured in a related article in the New York Times.

In the spring of 2014, Carrie began painting again after an experience she describes as “a supernova explosion in my brain that I’m still not sure is real.” Since then, she has used acrylic and a combination of watercolor and ink to put what she sees on paper.

“I believe there is magic to be found in the simplest of things, but the spark I find in people, particularly women, is what drives me,” she says. “My life is about diversity, taking risks, connection, and living wholeheartedly.”

Carrie lives in Northeast Kansas with her Austrian husband, four kids, two cats, and a dog that looks like a hyena. You can find her work for sale and read her thoughts on

Carrie’s work will be up through August 26th, 2015.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Final Fridays at Essential Goods :: Bare Roots Jewelry

For this month’s Final Friday Art Walk we will feature work by Lawrence artist Jamelle Zablow-Maloney of Bare Roots Jewelry. Please join us at the opening reception for her show at Essential Goods on Friday, June 26th from 5 to 9 pm. Come meet the artist and check out her new work!

About The Artist

I began my work in jewelry when I was young, inspired by my parents who dabbled in gemstone hunting here in the Midwest and in jewelry making when I was in middle and high school. I began creating jewelry to my own interests and to match my wardrobe while in college when I was continuously unable to find pieces that matched my tastes and price range in retail stores. I began making jewelry for retail when others became interested in my designs and encouraged me to do so. Jewelry making is a loved hobby of mine that I would love to have as a full time occupation, but continue to engage in between my work as a mother and teacher.

I see my jewelry as art and spend a lot of time with each piece ensuring that it is unique and hangs or sits right when it is worn. I enjoy working with raw materials like bone and stone, in order to give my pieces an organic, bohemian measure that matches my own style. I work hard to get materials from vendors and individuals that are honest about where and how they were obtained. I am adamant that the bones I use are from animals who died of natural causes and were not poached.

My favorite part about making jewelry for others is customizing it!!! I love surprising customers with my art!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

For this month’s Final Friday Art Walk we will feature work by Lawrence artist Paul Punzo. Please join us at the opening reception for his show "Oui!" at Essential Goods on Friday May 29th from 5 to 9 pm. Come meet the artist and check out his new work!

Artist Statement
I am happy to be the featured artist for a third consecutive year at Essential Goods. This show is a celebration of a journey of the last few years, or "oui 'a la vie!” (yes to life)!!

I started with working on 18" x 24" cold press watercolor paper using many different techniques. I have learned creating 68 colorful variations of background noise. Some pieces will be displayed as they are, for there were some very cool ones that needed nothing more. In addition is new block prints of sacred hearts, eyeballs and elephants, to name a few. Also look for silk screened manitee t shirts, as well as other pieces of new work that I hope will bring smiles to you all! Im so grateful to be part of the Lawrence artist community and hope to see you all at the end of May! "Oui a la vie" paulp 

Paul's work will be up through the month of June.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Final Fridays at Essential Goods :: Tami Clark | Plaster and Wax

We would love for you to join us next Friday for the Final Fridays Art Walk in Downtown Lawrence! This month we will feature work by Lawrence artist Tami Clark. Please join us at the opening reception for her show Plaster and Wax at Essential Goods on Friday April 24th from 5 to 9 pm. Come meet the artist and check out her new work!

About the Artist

Tami Clark is a mixed media artist and youth director in Lawrence, KS. She experimented with many different mediums until she discovered that she could use all of her favorites when working in assemblage and mixed media. She enjoys working with plaster, encaustic painting and found objects and loves to go on hunts for the rusty treasures she uses in her work. Tami has started an after-school art program in her church and loves watching the faces of her teenage students as they discover new techniques and realize they have what it takes to be called a true artist. We all do, we just have to find our path.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Stuff! Finally....!

We've been a bit lousy about posting new work via our blog, we apologize! We post weekly via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. And, we super swear we will try to be better about posting to our blog!

Spring is here and it is lovely to have the door open with fresh air pouring in and to hear folks out and about enjoying the season. We are excited to have a variety of new artists join us and will continue to bring more work your way. See below for a sampling of new work! We will post more shortly as well.
Culture Flock Society

Culture Flock Society

Culture Flock Society

Melissa Dehner | Honeybee Creative
Boho Girl Soaps

Eric and Christopher

Johanna Wright

Johanna Wright
Kitty Reese

Tammy Smith

Rachael Perry

Bryan Fyffe

Bryan Fyffe

Tammy Smith

Lindsey Yankey

Lindsey Yankey

Lindsey Yankey

Tammy Smith

Voz Jewelry

Voz Jewelry

Voz Jewelry

Voz Jewelry

Yonder Studio
Melissa Dehner

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A few gift ideas for the holidays!

We have been so busy adding new amazing work to Essential Goods that we've been a little lousy updating our blog. We are pretty good about sharing new work with you a few times a week via Facebook and Twitter, but our poor blog has taken  back seat as of late. Downtown Lawrence Inc has been fantastic about sharing so many gift ideas for the holidays from downtown Lawrence merchants on their Facebook page (we participate as well), and we thought we'd share our gift ideas with you. Check out their page to see all of the wonderful local businesses and the gift ideas they have for the holidays as well.

We will be adding to this almost daily. Cheers!

Gift Ideas for Dad
Gift Ideas for a little girl 
 Gift Ideas for Mom
 Gift Ideas for Grandpa
 Gift Ideas for your favorite Guy
 Gift Ideas for Teacher
Gift Ideas for Grandma

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Final Fridays at Essential Goods :: Kelsey Deviney | Daylight's Last Breath

Please join us Friday, November 29th from 5 to 9 pm at the opening reception for artist Kelsey Deviney for the November Final Friday Art Walk in Downtown Lawrence! 

Kelsey Michele Deviney was raised in the country outside of Winchester, Kansas. Kelsey was raised on five acres of land along with her three younger siblings. She is currently a senior at the University of Kansas completing her BFA in Visual Art and Minor in Art History. She creates artwork from multiple mediums, varying from 2-D and 3-D. Her favorites include life drawing, metal work, and photography. Because of her upbringing out on the farm, surrounded by pasture and timber; all of her work has a constant theme of her relationship with nature and her view on society. Kelsey will graduate this December 14, 2014 and plans to stay in Lawrence to find a job in the arts.

Kelsey has added to her resume in the past year by interning with Van Go of Lawrence, KS. Van Go is a well-known grant funded art program that reaches out to at-risk children in the community. The program is focused around job training for high school students while providing social work assistance.

In February 2014, Kelsey began a new job through Kansas Work Study at Essential Goods on Massachusetts Street in downtown Lawrence. She was very excited to have a position in the arts that allowed her to interact with artists but also customers who support buying local artwork.

For her final semester at KU, Kelsey has been interning with the Lawrence Arts Centers Art-Based Preschool program. This program gives 3-4 year old children the chance to explore many different types of art from painting, theatre, and music. This internship has been excellent for Kelsey, as it applies directly to her future plans.

In the next five years Kelsey plans to move to a farm outside of Wichita, KS and start organic farming with her boyfriend, Ryan. She also plans to run an art-based daycare from the farm teaching kids the importance of health, fitness, and creativity. Kelsey plans to continue her personal art on the side while sharing with others the joy that art can bring.

Kelsey’s work will be up through December 2014.