Monday, January 28, 2013

ch ch ch changes!

Gina and I have been busy doing a little rearranging of the shop! We have expanded the footprint of the retail space by a third and shifted the Nurture/b.e. studio around a bit, which really opens the entire space up. We are  happy with the way things are transforming, and we will soon be able to offer more great work by Kansas artists! We will post pics once we have things ready before Thursday, when we are open. Until then... I've got some stuff to do!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nurture Botanicals & b.e.

Nurture Botanicals and b.e. Studio is home to Essential Goods, and is the whole reason Essential Goods was created. Gina creates her magic in her working studio tucked inside of Essential Goods where her products are available for purchase. And, thanks to her product lines being made inside of our shop, it always smells amazing!

Gina is a true artisan, and she is passionate about her product lines and the love and care - and ingredients - that she puts into each batch. 

A bit more about Nurture Botanicals and b.e.:

Nurture Botanicals products are created using the healing power of plants, and inspired by nature. Their handcrafted soaps, lip butters, body butters, elixirs, and skin soaks are made with emollient oils, infused with herbs to be both soothing and healing of such sensitive skin. Carefully formulated to nurture your body, home, and mind, Nurture Botanicals are completely 100% natural, cruelty free, & vegetarian. No fragrance oils are used in the making of Nurture Botanicals products.

b.e. (Bazil Essentials) incorporates the principals of aromatherapy and uses essential, botanical, and high-quality fragrance oils (no phthalates!) to create classy, timeless, and delightful soy candles and natural perfumes. Bazil Essentials boutique quality products are always vegan certified & cruelty free.

b.e.'s candles are made using soy wax, grown without the use of chemicals and GMO’s.
We take great care to use high quality and sustainably sourced (and often organic) raw materials, and know that the end result is better for it. Our products have a distinct, but subtle scent because we believe scent should accent the body and home of a person, and not overpower.

Nurture Botanicals and b.e. will be at the LOLA Valentine's Day show at Pachamama's on February 9th in dowtown Lawrence.

Kitty Reese

What can we say, we love Kitty Reese! We are really excited to have just pulled in a variety of items from her collection of works. Kitty illustrates whimsical animals and screen prints them onto items such as apparel for children and adults, tote bags, cards, tea towels and pillow covers, just to name a few. We love her signature style and her work is a great addition to our shop.

Kitty will be participating in the LOLA Valentine's Day show at Pachamama's on February 9th in downtown Lawrence.

Rural Pearl :: Angie Pickman

Last month we were thrilled to pull in works by Angie Pickman of Rural Pearl, who produces gorgeous cut paper art originals, as well as greeting cards and prints. Her attention to detail is impressive and the designs she creates are beautiful and unique. We carry a variety of her greeting cards and unframed prints in Essential Goods, and they have gone quickly (we are not surprised)! 

Angie will be participating in the LOLA Valentine's Day show at Pachamama's in downtown Lawrence on February 9th.


We were super excited to bring in Awava to Essential Goods! Awava, founded by Lawrence/Eudora native Kate von Achen, embraces their mission of supporting Ugandan women by providing them with work to make their craft and sustain families. Awava has created fair trade partnerships in Uganda and they work with women artisans to provide them with steady income, allowing them to gain access to precious resources and empowering themselves through their skills. Awava also invests ten percent of their annual profits in various social programs to benefit the women with whom they work in Uganda.

In addition to our lovely collection of bags, jewelry and housewares from Awava, we also carry some items from their clothing line, margiehogue for Awava. Margie Hogue, the clothing line's designer, is a fellow Lawrencian!

Bare Roots Jewelry :: Jamelle Zablow

When we discovered Bare Roots Jewelry, we were immediately drawn to the uniqueness of each and every piece of jewelry. Lawrencian Jamelle, the artist behind Bare Roots Jewelry, uses a variety of beads, stones, feathers and bone to create her jewelry, sometimes procuring items from pow-wows, the farmstead and nature. She possesses her own unique bohemian style within the pieces she creates, and we think they are lovely. You can check out more of her work in her Etsy shop.

Recrudescence Studio :: Andrea Minnette

Andrea of Recrudescence Studio's work is, well, absolutely gorgeous. Her jewelry is reminiscent of the Victorian era. She chooses to use reclaimed elements to create her jewelry, giving them a second life through her creations. Pieces that may have once been a treasure to someone else long ago are enjoyed yet again through her designs. You can view more of Andrea's work here.

We will shortly be carrying a variety of lockets and money clips by Recrudescence Studio- right in time for Valentine's Day!

Feather Spring Arts

We were thrilled to get a collection of beautiful pendants by Megan Roelofs of Feather Spring Arts! We have been fans for quite some time, and you'll often see us donning one of her creations around our neck.

Megan's work is inspired by both the spiritual metaphors in flight and the metaphysical energies in stones.  She incorporates stones, shells, leather and other natural elements into wearable art.

Below is a sampling of what you can find in our shop:

Emily Emerson :: Fauna Designs

We love Emily Emerson of Fauna Design's colorful, whimsical illustrations and greeting cards!

Emily is an aspiring illustrator who loves color and whimsy and hopes to create children’s books someday. She named my business Fauna Designs because animals bring life, color and texture to my illustrations. Creating whimsical greeting cards has been a dream of hers for years now. Her cards are made for anyone looking for a fun, unique card to send to a loved one. She strives to create cards that shine a light into the day of anyone receiving them. 

You can find a variety of fun prints and greeting cards at our shop, as shown below. You can also check out more of Emily's work in her Etsy shop.

Ann Dean Photo

Local photographer Ann Dean has an quite an eye for color, balance and beauty. Through her photography, she captures beauty in everyday objects and moments. Many of her images have been taken on her travels.

Artist Bio: "I love photography because it gives me a chance to savor the fleeting moments in time that we all take for granted and that give our lives meaning.” Ann is currently working in Lawrence, Kansas as a freelance photographer. She also teaches photography classes at the Lawrence Arts Center and the Spencer Museum of Art.
We carry a collection of Ann's beautiful prints at Essential Goods, as illustrated below. Soon to arrive at our shop will be a variety of cards illustrating Ann's photography. Check out more of Ann's work at her website.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LOLA Valentine's Day Show 2013

You won't want to miss this show! LOLA Valentine's Show at Pachamamas Restaurant and Star Bar on February 9th. You will find the following artisans who have work in our shop at the show: Awava, Nurture Botanicals & Bazil Essentials, Rural Pearl - Cut Paper Art by Angie Pickman, filthEdesign, Kelsey PIke and Kitty Reese

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emily Eakes :: filthEdesign

Emily Eakes, a.k.a. filthEdesign, currently lives in Lawrence, KS  with her husband and teenage son. She is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and has shown her work locally and nationally.

Emily's primary works are a part of a series called "domestic | domesticated". With the use of vintage dress patterns, hand-carved linoleum block prints and embroidery, she combines symbols and process to evoke a reexamination of "women's work".

In addition to her fine art work, she is a mentor to local artists and a graphic designer. Her latest design work can be seen on many of the t-shirt sporting dissenters in Kansas,

You can also see more of her work at .

We have been fans of Emily's work for quite some time and are thrilled to have a variety of works from her "domestic | domesticated" series in Essential Goods!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Marianne Wille :: WilleWorks

Lawrencian Marianne Wille of WilleWorks is a true master and artist with fiber and textiles. Her attention to detail is evident in each of her one-of-a-kind pieces that hold a true signature look. From her fun Zippermouth Purses to Mimikins dolls, Marianne designs the patterns she uses for each signature piece. We are lucky to have her work in our shop! Below is a sampling of what you can find in Essential Goods. You can also check out more of her work in her Etsy shop and her blog.

Kelsey Pike :: Sustainable Papercraft Studio

We first found discovered Kansas City artist Kelsey's work through Etsy, when Gina gave some close friends some of her Sprouting Seed Faces as a gift because she thought they were so unique. A few months later, when we were discussing what type of work to bring into Essential Goods, we both thought the seed faces would be great fun to have in the shop! In addition the seed faces that are crafted out of recycled paper pulp and heirloom sprouting seeds, Kelsey also makes her own paper and prints on it as well, creates custom stamps, cards and postcards. The paper she creates is recycled and tree-free. You can even learn how to print and make paper through the zines she has published (available in our shop). Check out a sampling of her work below and in her Etsy shop.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jeannette Bryant :: Another Girl

We discovered Jeannette Bryant of Another Girl's work at Bizarre Bazaar this fall and fell in love. She translates her sense of humor and artistry into whimsical and beautiful creations using paper and collage that we find addictive. We carry a variety of her necklaces, rings, pins and brooches in our shop, as well as a variety of prints. And, soon we will have a collection of Valentine's Day and St. Patty's day creations from her available for purchase! Check out more of her work on our facebook page.