Thursday, January 24, 2013


We were super excited to bring in Awava to Essential Goods! Awava, founded by Lawrence/Eudora native Kate von Achen, embraces their mission of supporting Ugandan women by providing them with work to make their craft and sustain families. Awava has created fair trade partnerships in Uganda and they work with women artisans to provide them with steady income, allowing them to gain access to precious resources and empowering themselves through their skills. Awava also invests ten percent of their annual profits in various social programs to benefit the women with whom they work in Uganda.

In addition to our lovely collection of bags, jewelry and housewares from Awava, we also carry some items from their clothing line, margiehogue for Awava. Margie Hogue, the clothing line's designer, is a fellow Lawrencian!

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