Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emily Eakes :: filthEdesign

Emily Eakes, a.k.a. filthEdesign, currently lives in Lawrence, KS  with her husband and teenage son. She is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and has shown her work locally and nationally.

Emily's primary works are a part of a series called "domestic | domesticated". With the use of vintage dress patterns, hand-carved linoleum block prints and embroidery, she combines symbols and process to evoke a reexamination of "women's work".

In addition to her fine art work, she is a mentor to local artists and a graphic designer. Her latest design work can be seen on many of the t-shirt sporting dissenters in Kansas, www.facebook.com/WelcomeToBrownbackistan.

You can also see more of her work at www.filthEdesign.com .

We have been fans of Emily's work for quite some time and are thrilled to have a variety of works from her "domestic | domesticated" series in Essential Goods!

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