Monday, January 21, 2013

Kelsey Pike :: Sustainable Papercraft Studio

We first found discovered Kansas City artist Kelsey's work through Etsy, when Gina gave some close friends some of her Sprouting Seed Faces as a gift because she thought they were so unique. A few months later, when we were discussing what type of work to bring into Essential Goods, we both thought the seed faces would be great fun to have in the shop! In addition the seed faces that are crafted out of recycled paper pulp and heirloom sprouting seeds, Kelsey also makes her own paper and prints on it as well, creates custom stamps, cards and postcards. The paper she creates is recycled and tree-free. You can even learn how to print and make paper through the zines she has published (available in our shop). Check out a sampling of her work below and in her Etsy shop.

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