Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nurture Botanicals & b.e.

Nurture Botanicals and b.e. Studio is home to Essential Goods, and is the whole reason Essential Goods was created. Gina creates her magic in her working studio tucked inside of Essential Goods where her products are available for purchase. And, thanks to her product lines being made inside of our shop, it always smells amazing!

Gina is a true artisan, and she is passionate about her product lines and the love and care - and ingredients - that she puts into each batch. 

A bit more about Nurture Botanicals and b.e.:

Nurture Botanicals products are created using the healing power of plants, and inspired by nature. Their handcrafted soaps, lip butters, body butters, elixirs, and skin soaks are made with emollient oils, infused with herbs to be both soothing and healing of such sensitive skin. Carefully formulated to nurture your body, home, and mind, Nurture Botanicals are completely 100% natural, cruelty free, & vegetarian. No fragrance oils are used in the making of Nurture Botanicals products.

b.e. (Bazil Essentials) incorporates the principals of aromatherapy and uses essential, botanical, and high-quality fragrance oils (no phthalates!) to create classy, timeless, and delightful soy candles and natural perfumes. Bazil Essentials boutique quality products are always vegan certified & cruelty free.

b.e.'s candles are made using soy wax, grown without the use of chemicals and GMO’s.
We take great care to use high quality and sustainably sourced (and often organic) raw materials, and know that the end result is better for it. Our products have a distinct, but subtle scent because we believe scent should accent the body and home of a person, and not overpower.

Nurture Botanicals and b.e. will be at the LOLA Valentine's Day show at Pachamama's on February 9th in dowtown Lawrence.

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