Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Neighborly Neighbors

The two snowfalls last week brought on a welcome and much needed calm space, and our little town turned still and sleepy, with many folks tucked in for the day, enjoying the beautiful snow that nourished the earth and our souls. After the heavy snow slowed a bit, people slowly emerged from their abodes, snow shovels in hand, ready to unearth their driveways and walks that had been buried in a thick blanket of glistening white. And once that task was complete, many went on to perhaps help the elderly neighbor's drive across the street, or the mother's who was home with her children for the day. And during that time, life was quiet again and harkened back to a more quiet existence, and we noticed humankind doing little, beautiful things that bring us together.

We received a phone call after the first snowstorm from The Phoenix Gallery, who warmly welcomed us downtown, expressed kind words and offered to help in whatever ways they could to help our name get out into the Lawrence marketplace. Neighborly neighbors taking the time to welcome us and bring us into their community.

The Blue Dot Salon and Astrokitty Comics, our neighbors on either side of Essential Goods, have welcomed us from day one, helped spread the word of our shop and studio opening and sent business our way. We love residing next to them and working with them to make the beautiful historic Palladian Building we share an even better place.

Our dear friends and fellow local artisans - those that sell work in Essential Goods and otherwise - who make up this lovely little city that we love to call home, have supported us in many ways and become more a part of the community with us.

This is a shout out, and a thank you, to all who take the time to do little things that can mean so much to others.

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