Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stitchouse :: Jill Stueve

We are very excited to welcome Stitchouse to Essential Goods! Jill Stueve, the creator behind Stitchouse, has some mad skills and creative eye, and we are happy to share her work with you! From handcrafted tea towels to a variety of baby apparel, blankets, cloth wipes and quilts, Stitchouse offers a variety of lovely work to liven up your kitchen or to snuggle up (or dress up!) a little one.

Below is a sampling of what you can find at Essential Goods by Stitchouse. You can also check out more of Jill's work at the Mother's Day LOLA show on May 4th at Pachamama's, along with a variety of other very talented Lawrence women artisans!

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