Saturday, March 22, 2014

Final Fridays at Essential Goods :: The Craftivists | Commotion

We would love to see you next Friday, the 28th for the opening reception for The Craftivists! We carry a variety of their work at Essential Goods and cannot wait to see some of their new works next week! Details below... :

Opening Reception for The Craftivists :: Commotion
Friday, March 28th | 5 to 9 pm
825 Massachusetts Street

Please join us Friday, March 28th at the opening reception for The Craftivists out of Topeka. We are thrilled to represent them this month in our gallery! It will be a fantastic evening and we look forward to seeing you there!

Artists’ Statement:
We make a commotion about issues that matter. We are women unwilling to accept politicians regulating our bodies and lives. We are also proud Kansans and refuse to lose the state of Kansas to extremists without a fight. Don’t be fooled by our soft and pretty lace exterior, instead, see that we demand control over our bodies, reject judgments about who we can marry, and refuse to move backwards in a state forged by a progressive belief in equality and justice. Commotion: We make noise.

About the Craftivists:
Activists by day, crafters by night, The Craftivists are a group of friends uniting crafts and activism by creating handmade goods. Founded in 2009, the group includes Topeka artists Nikki MacMillan, Michelle McCormick, Sara O’Keeffe, and Laura Burton. The four women craft for environmental responsibility, social justice, peace, love, and the challenge of bettering the world with art. The Craftivists often use discarded materials, including old windows, bicycle inner tubes, and old print media to create unique pieces. Artistic themes similarly explore disenfranchised people and unseen issues. Social justice, particularly feminism, is close to the hearts and minds of The Craftivists as they work collaboratively to create art. For more information, follow The Craftivists on Facebook, @TheCraftivists on Twitter or

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New work in for March

We have been absent when it comes to blog posts as of late, as we have been busy updating our shop! Below is a variety of new work that has arrived for March...

Fog Mountain Press
Crawlspace Studios
Crawlspace Studios
Indie Frog Studios
Kizmet Jewelry
Louise Carroll
Mark Poulin
Crawlspace Studios
Crawlspace Studios
Tiny Meat